Nostalgia and Bubbles


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Today. Was. Tiring. I don’t know whether i’m tired because my family babysat two little boys in the morning, or because we watched three little girls in the afternoon, OR because we had all five of them at the same time for a few hours. 😉 Whether or not I’m tired, one thing is for sure, I had a really great day! 🙂

Some days are beautiful because something absolutely amazing happens, or because the whole day is perfect, but some days are beautiful because of their abundance of simple joys.

Have you ever thought about how beautiful bubbles are? The way the morning light hits them when you’re “slicing” them apart with “lightsabers” alongside a four year-old is absolutely beautiful. 🙂 I love bubbles. There is something so lovely and childish and nostalgic about them.

Speaking of nostalgia. Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot is giving me creepy-crawly-nostalgia-feels all over. I am listening to it at. this. moment. It is amazing. You should be listening to it too, because it is such a lovely album! I used to listen to this album on repeat years ago, and it is still amazing!

Hallelujah, I’m caving in. Hallelujah, I’m in love again. Hallelujah, I’m a wretched man. Hallelujah, every breath is a second chance. – Always (From Hello Hurricane)

I think bubbles are beautiful because they seem so magical. Little spheres of soap, floating through the air, clothed in a shimmering, rainbow. How magical is that?

And nostalgia, what a wondrous feeling. The strangest thing is that nostalgia is also a sad feeling. There is something so beautiful in the fact that something as simple as a certain smell, a movie, or anything at all can trigger such an emotional response, (at least in myself) simply because it reminds us of days gone by. The sadness comes when we, inevitably, think about how much we miss the past. That is sad for two reasons:

  1. Those old days really are gone forever… 😥
  2. Sometimes we forget that today can be pretty good as well

I know that nobody lives a perfect life, but we can all choose to be joyful. I think if we are always stuck in the past we forget that our life now is important, because it’s what defines our future. Living in the past is depressing.

That said… how lovely is nostalgia!? I think it’s a lovely feeling, even if it is sad sometimes. Just remember that the rest of you life is ahead of you. Never be so caught up in the past that you can’t see that there are things to do and see here in the present, and dreams to dream of the future.

I’m losing ground and gaining speed. I’ve lost myself, or most of me. I’m headed for the final precipice, but you haven’t lost me yet... I’ll sing until my heart caves in. No, you haven’t lost me yet. Yet (From Hello Hurricane)

Streak: 13 days

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