Little Changes

I’ve really learned a big lesson over the past week that I really want to share. I guess I’ve learned it before, or maybe it was just head knowledge, because now I’m implementing it. I’m actually changing! And that’s exciting.

I learned two things last week on Sunday.

1. I am so conceited

2. I can only change that by actively deciding not to be conceited anymore.

It might seem simple, but it’s really not. I’ve tried before to stop being so selfish, conceited, and mean towards those I love, but it’s never worked. This time it’s different. I think the difference came when I realized that I don’t think of others like I should. It’s very embarrassing to say that I sometimes think of others in terms of what they can do for me. Once I realized this, and wanted to change that, I learned that I can only do this by making a conscious decision to change and implement those changes.

It’s been really hard to change who I am, but I’m struggling along slowly. I’ve made some mistakes, but I’ve also had some pretty great days that remind me that I can do it. Ultimately, I know that it is God who has helped me to change in the small ways that I have. I’m so glad that he’s forgiven my many flaws time and again.

Conceit is a hard habit to break, but little by little God is showing me that selflessness and loving others is much more satisfying than pleasing myself.

Here’s to change (and short blog posts),


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