This post is all about my two favorite seasons, spring and summer, but mostly summer because it is already the middle of spring. 🙂 I’m just going to describe each one and list some short goals for summer. I will probably do another post like this later in the year (like May or early June) setting down my goals in detail. Enjoy my random post! XD

Spring and Summer are two of the loveliest words out there. 🙂 They evoke images of warm days reading and writing, finding a new obsession, binge tv watching, church camp, VBS, and the one hundred and one other things that the warm months bring.

Spring brings a sense of hope and new life. When the daffodils pop up from the ground and the magnolias bloom, everything seems so new and cheery. The lovely sounds in the air make me shiver with delight. Everything is busy again. Every day is packed full of happenings. Everything from winter seems so far away and it feels like spring has always been here. Everything about Spring makes me want to read the Anne of Green Gables Series, which I first read in the spring.

It gets harder to focus on school during the spring, because it gets warmer and all I want to do is spend the day outside reading. I have to sternly remind myself each morning that it is still April and the end of school is (almost literally) nowhere in sight. It’s sad, but true. 😦 No, actually it’s really not sad because I’ve been having a ton of fun this spring. It really hasn’t been warm regularly, but today the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the flowers are in full bloom.

Summer brings a whole different kind of feeling with it. I don’t know when it begins, but somewhere between May and June the air changes. It’s no longer charged with new life, but filled with a honey-like sweetness and a molasses-like slowness. The days grow long and hot. Vacations are taken to all corners of the globe. Long, breathless days are followed by raging thunderstorms. In the summer the whole world seems to want to stay where it is for just a while longer. But it doesn’t. Even though everything should seem slow, long and lazy, summer zips by. Pretty soon it’s over and “back to business as usual”.

What I hope summer brings:

  1. Rest and Relaxation (a.k.a a break from school)
  2. Writing, writing and more writing
  3. Reading, reading, and more reading (for fun of course)
  4. Happy memories
  5. No regrets
  6. Personal growth

What I think summer will actually bring:

  1. Lots of school (I won’t be finished until August)
  2. Little time for reading
  3. Lots of wasted time
  4. Happy memories
  5. Possible embarrassment
  6. Still selfish me in the end (aka no personal growth)

I don’t know why I’m so down on this whole thing. I can do it! 🙂 Seriously though (and I’m really being serious), if at the end of the summer all I accomplish is making others happy and spending time with them even when I want to spend it by myself, than that will be a good summer. 🙂 No, actually that would be a great summer.

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