Omnibus IV, a Review

I’ve been learning a lot lately and since it is the middle/end of the school year, I guess that makes sense. I don’t think I’ve ever learned as much as I have this year. I’m so packed full of learning, but I feel like I could learn so much more! That’s what I love about learning, you can never learn too much!

I could go on about how much I just love math, but that would be a lie. My favorite part of this year has been History/Literature/Theology, all together in one book called Omnibus IV, by Veritas Press.


The Omnibus is a hugemongous textbook filled to the brim with challenging books and lots of discussions. Here is the description from

Omnibus is a Latin term meaning “all encompassing.“ Completing Omnibus IV will provide the student a full credit in Ancient World History II, Doctrine and Theology IV, and Ancient Literature II. An additional feature is the inclusion of six essays in each year (18 total in Omnibus IV, V and VI) exposing students to various other disciplines to consider for courses of study in college and careers. Combining these disciplines will have students grow in their appreciation of the unity of all knowledge, and all the material is taught through a biblical worldview.

If I had known how challenging this curriculum would be at the beginning of the year, than I probably wouldn’t have started it. Since starting the Omnibus I have:

  • Had less time to sleep
  • Had less time to relax
  • Had less time to read fun books
  • Had less time in general

I am seriously overwhelmed with this curriculum, but I love it all the same.


Because I have learned more than I can ever remember learning.  I have learned to think for myself, form my own thoughts about things, and how to appreciate old books. More than that I have learned an amazing amount about the Bible. His sovereignty in putting the right people in the right places at the right time so that His will could be accomplished is so much more amazing when you see it happening through ancient literature.

It’s not just the books that I love, but also the sessions (lessons). There are so many different kinds that I never (slight exaggeration) get bored with them. Examples:

  • Discussions
  • Student-Led Discussions (I write my own questions)
  • Writing (this could be anything from an essay to poetry)
  • Activities (arts and crafts, field trips etc.)
  • Worldview Analysis (comparing and contrasting the worldviews of characters from whatever book I’m reading with the Bible).

I feel like the Omnibus gets me, which doesn’t make any sense, but it’s true. The Omnibus is exactly what I need. 🙂

I also get that the Omnibus isn’t for everyone. Some people (my sister) don’t love reading as much as I do, (I know, it’s hard to believe) and learn a different way than I do. I think that’s great! One of the best things about homeschooling is that we have the freedom to learn what ever way is best for us.

This is not sponsored, or anything, by Veritas Press. I simply wanted to share my love of the Omnibus, and of learning in general. I love learning? Do you? I hope so. 🙂

Streak: 9 days

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