Amateur Photographs



I’m not very good at taking pictures, but I love doing it. I especially love trying to think of creative angles and filters! I love filters! ♥♥


My Front Yard

I love Spring sunrises. I love how it makes all of the colors pop and everything seems brighter  and cheerier.



My Front Yard


Sampson, my dog (taken by my sister).

Sampson is the sweetest little dog in the world. He’s a bundle of energy and annoys my other dog, Levi, to death. XD



Bedspread – without a filter


Bedspread – with a filter


Looking out my window.

I love my bedroom! ♥ It is one of my favorite places in the world. The tree in the picture is my little Croton plant. It’s been losing some leaves lately, but now it is growing new leaves. I love it. 🙂

These are very amateur, I know, but I enjoy taking pictures. 🙂 So this was fun.

I think I will start putting my “writing streak” at the end of every post.

Current streak: 3 days

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